Tungaloy extends MiniForce-Turn line

Tungaloy extends MiniForce-Turn line

November 7, 2018

Tungaloy America Inc.


Tungaloy’s MiniForce-Turn, an innovative Swiss-type tool system featuring double-sided positive inserts and dedicated holders, has been expanded to include a new holder line, extending economical and technical benefits to the general O.D. turning market.

MiniForce-Turn features positive inserts in an innovative double-sided format, providing light cutting action and tool cost reduction in Swiss turning operations. The new offer includes square shank holders in 20 mm and 25 mm diameters, typical sizes used in O.D. turning operations. This expansion will provide the general lathe market with the same machining advantages for machining reliability and tool economy. The new shanks are designed to offset tool interference.

This addition in MiniForce-Turn enables Tungaloy to present a complete range of O.D. turning tools in combination with standard ISO turning inserts, such as CNMG1204 and WNMG0804 offered in the Tunging-A holder system as well as economical ISO-EcoTurn inserts like CNMG0904 and WNMG0604 to address the diverse needs of customers.