TetraMini-Cut family expanded

TetraMini-Cut family expanded

January 26, 2018

Tungaloy America Inc.


Compact and offering economical, four-edged geometry, Tungaloy’s TetraMini-Cut incorporates a rigid insert clamping system that ensures high indexability and accuracy, extending insert life to the maximum level.

This major addition to the TCG18 insert lineup will make TetraMini-Cut an even more flexible series. Wider spectrums of workpiece profiles, materials, and machine setups will now be covered by this expansion, ranging from small and miniature parts in Swiss-type machines to general-lathe grooving and threading applications. The TCG18 insert is available in AH7025, a dedicated grooving grade optimized for extreme resistance to chipping and plastic deformation in order to deliver secure performance and high metal removal rates in the most demanding operations.

At a glance:

  • Major expansion to TCG18 insert line for greater flexibility
  • TCG18 together with TCP18 series to encompass broader materials and machine environments
  • Dedicated AH7025 grooving grade for maximum insert performance
  • Total items to be added: 40 items