Tungaloy’s threading inserts, holders

Tungaloy’s threading inserts, holders

December 5, 2019

Tungaloy America Inc.


Tungaloy expanded TungThread line of indexable threading tools include 11ER external threading inserts as well as 8mm x 8mm and 10mm x 10mm square shank holders to accommodate the new inserts.

The 11ER insert is smaller than conventional 16ER inserts, and the insert holders are designed to ensure a minimum interference when machined toward the sub-spindle, which is an issue with a 16ER insert holder.

This expansion will enhance the TungThread series to meet the needs of various threading applications on Swiss type automatic lathes and other small-parts manufacturing equipment.


  • Small 11ER threading inserts for use on small-parts manufacturing machines
  • 8mm x 8mm and 10mm x10mm square shank holders for Swiss lathes
  • Thread types available for ISO metric 0.35mm to 1.5mm thread pitches and V-profile 60° and 55°, partial profile
  • 2 holders, 10 inserts to be added in expansion