Ulbrich’s Braid Wire Accelerator program

Ulbrich’s Braid Wire Accelerator program

October 28, 2020

Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals Inc.


Ulbrich understands the need for rapid medical device development cycles. With the new Ulbrich Braid Wire Accelerator program, timelines and specific design performance characteristics are faster and more precise than ever before. Once an order is placed, we will ship a set of bobbins directly from our manufacturing facility within 24 hours and can have the product in customers’ hands in 72 hours or less. Alloys currently offered through this program are stainless steels, nitinol, L605, MP35N, tungsten, and copper beryllium, with plans of adding new materials in the future.

Braid reinforcement wires are important components in minimally invasive delivery systems. Our wires enable torque transmission and strength in these critical systems, with just the right amount of flexibility. As a leader in specialty wire production and development, Ulbrich’s wire manufacturing capabilities can reach as small as 0.0005″ diameter (about 5x thinner than a human hair). Ulbrich’s advantages include tight dimensional and mechanical property control, which translates to a consistent program of commonly used sizes and alloys for quick response to new and existing medical braid wire customers.

Inventory management and customer service are areas in which Ulbrich excels and this program allows for braid wire customers to stabilize their supply chain. Our Development Partnership serves as an extension of your design team. When it comes to metals, we can bring expertise, technology, and extraordinary processing capabilities to your project.