UNITED GRINDING’s Customer Oriented REvolution

UNITED GRINDING’s Customer Oriented REvolution

August 5, 2022

United Grinding North America

Customer Oriented REvolution (C.O.R.E.), an operating system from UNITED GRINDING that brings added intelligence to the grinding process, will be displayed at IMTS 2022. With C.O.R.E., UNITED GRINDING machines communicate with each other, operators, third-party systems, and the suite of UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions.

Also showcased at IMTS will be a quartet of digital solutions. These four offerings, remote service, service monitor, production monitor, and customer cockpit, work together to boost productivity and transparency.

In the manufacturing and CNC grinding worlds, the right control and tools have a way of making the work easier, faster, and better. That’s precisely what C.O.R.E. and the digital solutions from UNITED GRINDING bring to the customer’s process.