ViscoTec’s continuous mixing, filling of viscous materials

ViscoTec’s continuous mixing, filling of viscous materials

February 6, 2020


ViscoTec’s ViscoDUO-VM HD dosing system offers continuous mixing and dosing of two low-to-high viscosity materials with the same or different viscosities and guarantees precise, repeatable, and process-safe mixing in a validated process.

Development of the ViscoDUO-VM HD was led by demand for the same quality found in the VPHD hygienic dispenser – but for two-component materials. Due to ever stricter regulations, especially in the field of medical technology, FDA-compliant materials for fluids in direct contact with the product are required from the initial project planning stage. This is even more so when the material to be dosed comes into contact with the human body during the application.

All components of the new ViscoDUO-VM HD meet GMP requirements and are FDA compliant. The dosing system can be used in the medical technology as well as dental industries and more.

The modular design of the ViscoDUO-VM HD, with four different sizes on both sides, allows use in a range of applications. Flow rates from 0.5ml/min to over 1,000ml/min can be implemented. Like all products from the ViscoTec portfolio, the dispenser is easy to integrate into automated processes. Thanks to the built-in endless piston principle, dosing is completely pulsation-free. Both the mixing ratios – from 1:1 to 100:1 – and the flow rates are freely selectable. The filling quantity is individually adjustable. All components in contact with the product are made of stainless steel 1.4404 and can be issued with a batch certificate if required. The customer has a choice between different FDA-compliant elastomers for the optimum use in their application. 

Application in medical technology
The ViscoDUO-VM HD is used in the mixing of two-component silicone to seal an artificial lung, for example. The patient’s blood is pumped through the artificial lung. The silicone to be mixed is in direct contact with the product and must therefore be FDA compliant. Another example is the application of a two-component adhesive on plasters for the skin. The task of the dispenser is the precise and validated mixing of the adhesive (component A) with special ingredients (component B). For complete process reliability and repeatable dispensing results. 

Application in the dental industry
In the dental industry, the dispenser is used in the production of ceramic teeth and ceramic inlays. Two-component ceramic slags, for example, are mixed and filled into teeth moulds. The newcomer to the ViscoTec portfolio is impressive with its long service life, even with abrasive materials, thanks to the proven endless piston principle. 

Continuous manufacturing
In the field of hygienic applications, the trend is focusing on continuous manufacturing. At present, two components are usually stirred in batches in a container and then transferred further. In continuous manufacturing, batch production is replaced by a continuous flow. The ViscoDUO-VM HD dosing system from ViscoTec, for example, then takes over the exact mixing of the materials.

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Continuous Manufacturing


This is where the advantages of the endless piston principle become clear: an endless dosing, with the necessary changes in delivery rate being controlled one to one via the speed of the dispenser. A continuous adjustment of the mixing ratios is also possible by controlling the individual dosing pumps A and B. This improves the process time and simplifies monitoring – cleaning the containers with agitator is no longer necessary, as the ViscoDUO-VM HD can also be cleaned via CIP.