Non-contact visual measuring systems

Non-contact visual measuring systems

October 16, 2017

Vision Engineering

The Swift PRO range of non-contact visual measuring systems combines optical and video measurement technologies into a powerful, simple-to-operate tool designed for ensuring precision and quality control in metalworking and plastic manufacturing processes across a range of industries.

Previously difficult to view samples can be measured more accurately with Swift PRO’s HD video camera with Video Edge Detection (VED) and fully dimmable stage illumination. The Swift PRO feature-rich software is easy to operate and its one-click measurement setup allows for instant profile and surface measurement.

Swift PRO provides fast and accurate 3-axis measurement. Its user-friendly interface can be simply set up and operated by shop floor workers as well as advanced users, making measuring components and reporting easy, with fewer operator errors. With simplicity at its core, Swift PRO requires minimal training, significantly reducing staff costs.

The Mantis range of low magnification stereo microscopes (up to 20x) offers comfort to the user owing to its patented ‘eyepiece-less’ design. Providing freedom of head movement and peripheral vision allows operators to wear glasses, contact lenses, or safety goggles while viewing metal samples. 

The Lynx EVO stereo microscope provides magnification up to 240x. The optical viewer replaces conventional eyepieces and is designed to help operators to overcome ergonomic challenges such as eye strain, neck fatigue and back pain associated with prolonged use of traditional binocular microscopes.