Walter's laser contour check

Walter's laser contour check

September 16, 2022

United Grinding North America

Walter, a brand of UNITED GRINDING, introduces laser contour check, a non-contact option to tactile measurement in tool grinding and eroding machines.

The new blue laser, paired with an intelligent measuring system, provides high-precision measurement of various tool parameters on cylindrical tools with diameters from 1mm to 52mm. Since it doesn’t contact the surface, the laser contour check avoids possible damage to cutting edges or measuring errors that occur due to wear on the probe tip during tactile measurements.

Measurements are made directly in the analog laser beam on the entire tool contour, not just at specific points as with the tactile or digital measuring method, so deviations can be compensated for directly in the process. A short measuring time, including cleaning of approximately 16 seconds (depending on tool type) for diameter measurement, ensures increased productivity. Optimized program sequences for cleaning and compensation can be programmed and adapted by the operator. The measuring system is integrated directly into the working area of the machine and moves into position when required. The blue laser beam offers improved accuracy compared to the conventional red laser, as blue lasers have a shorter wavelength, thus reducing diffraction effects and optimizing the laser beam geometry.