InnoPhase’s miniaturized Wi-Fi and BLE wireless modules

InnoPhase’s miniaturized Wi-Fi and BLE wireless modules

March 15, 2021


InnoPhase, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in extreme low power wireless IoT solutions, announces the new Talaria TWO INP1012 and INP1013 modules for a wide range of products including smart health, smart home, and smart industrial applications. The platform combines wireless connectivity and integrated microcontroller for edge-of-network Internet of Things (IoT) devices that require low power consumption and a direct-to-cloud connection. The miniaturized modules are 40% smaller than the original INP1010/INP1011.

The INP1012 and INP1013 modules unleash design engineers' imagination to add more intelligence and functionality to their products while meeting the growing demand for faster time to market and more compact designs. The smaller modules embed the Talaria TWO system on a chip (SoC) to take advantage of its processing capability, ultra-low power wireless connectivity, and robust security. The integrated solution is ideally suited for smart door locks, remote security cameras, connected sensors, or other space-constrained products within home, commercial, industrial, and health markets.

Typical smart IoT applications use a significant percentage of the overall system power for Wi-Fi connectivity, sometimes as much as 75%, even while idly connected to the network. The new Talaria TWO modules can increase the battery lifetime by months or years and require less space. The INP1012 module has the added value of allowing the user to select the antenna connection and placement which is particularly beneficial for industrial applications.

The highly integrated, multi-protocol modules include Wi-Fi and BLE5-Long Range for wireless data transfer, an embedded Arm Cortex-M3 for system control and user applications, plus advanced security elements for device safeguards. The modules can operate in stand-alone mode, in conjunction with an external MCU, or in a hybrid mode where the system control and processing responsibilities are shared between the module and an external MCU.

The modules come complete with the necessary clocks, passives, and antennas and will be certified with the Wi-Fi Alliance, Bluetooth SIG, FCC, IC (Canada) and CE approval. The modules and associated development kits are available through our network of worldwide distribution partners.