Time- and cost-savings from 3D printed tooling (video)

June 18, 2020

Tecalum Industrial is a company based in Girona, Spain, specializing in manufacturing aluminium products for the industrial sector for over 40 years. In order to produce these parts, which they design from scratch according to the needs of each customer, they need some very specific jigs and fixtures, custom made for every mold they work with.

In the beginning, they used to commission an external vendor to produce mechanized tooling, such as nylon clamps, for them. However, this was an expensive and slow process, involving waits of weeks at a time in order to receive the parts.

Because of these disadvantages of externalizing the production of their customized tooling, they had been thinking about implementing additive manufacturing at their facility for quite some time when, finally, in 2017 the plethora of 3D printing success stories convinced them and they purchased their first BCN3D Sigmax. Today, Tecalum Industrial owns four Sigmax 3D printers, all operating non-stop in order to keep their production moving.

For Tecalum Industrial, implementing 3D printing into their day-to-day activities resulted in a great return on investment.