Combination Laser Die Cutting, Rotary Die Cutting System

Departments - Technology in motion

October 20, 2010

Medical device designers and manufacturers that are seeking the speed and capabilities of rotary die cutters, without the bottomless lifetime costs for dies, and those looking for ways to quickly and painlessly transition to short run jobs with limitless cut configurations now have an option. The choice is the Spartanics Finecut-Plus-Rotary, a combination laser die cutting and rotary die cutting system offering versatile cutting technology that can serve as the optimal cutting solution for diverse job requirements, with capabilities that include:

• Rotary die cutting at speeds as fast as 400fpm (121mpm);
• Tool-free laser die cutting with super-accurate single source lasers at speeds as fast as 300fpm (100mpm);
• Rotary sheeting – cutting variable lengths as much as 2X faster than traditional guillotine sheeters;
• Semi-rotary die cutting, with X-Y registration, perfect for interchanging job step-ups while maintaining speeds as fast as 100fpm (30mpm); and
• Add-on modules for UV coatings, lamination, slitting, and more.

Rolling Meadows, IL