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March 9, 2012

Vacuum Pallet Changing System
The Mitee-Bite Vacmagic is a versatile vacuum pallet changing system that runs off 70psi to 80psi of standard shop air, with no vacuum pump required. Users can run high volume production at the same feeds and speeds normally implemented while achieving precise repeatability. Swap over to a vacuum pallet for those jobs too difficult to clamp and be up and running within seconds. Mounting a vise on the standard pallet will eliminate indicating the vise before every use.

WESTEC Booth #3121
Mitee-Bite Products
Center Ossipee, NH

Custom-Designed, Standard Seals
Bi-directional seals, which handle opposing pressures while preventing leakage, are ideal for a wide range of fluid delivery applications including medical and dental devices. Designed with a double-lip seal, the lip facing up contains downward fluid pressure while the lip facing down contains the upward fluid (negative) pressure. Function of the seal is similar to the squeegee effect of a windshield wiper blade’s alternating motion.

Contributing to the effectiveness of these double lip seals is correct material selection and molding it properly to very tight tolerances. Produced from specially formulated EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) compounds, formulation and molding of the seals ensure low extractables while the seal materials are compatible with a wide range of fluids prescribed for administration through an IV system.

Seal size is also important in double lip design applications, whereas a smaller seal reduces potential for leaks. Therefore, designs of these double lip seals are as small as 0.046" OD, 0.140" ID, and 0.145" thickness. Critical surface dimensions for this size are: ID ±0.004", OD sealing diameter dimension (0.295") held to ±0.005", with sealing thickness held to ±0.005".

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics
Minneapolis, MN

Hybrid Tool Presetter
A cost effective equivalent to other tool inspection machines in the industry is the Khyan-TW Hybrid Tool Presetter. Constructed using ground granite and stainless steel, with a single 23" high-definition screen, the unit has two optical cameras that sport impressive digital zoom capabilities. In addition, users can import and export .dxf profiles to check and compare tools. Easy to set-up and simple to operate, the unit incorporates additional capabilities focused specifically on tool geometry.

The precision spindle system is interchangeable and uses a one-piece cartridge, eliminating the need for adaptors and any associated errors that adapters can cause. The spindle on the Khyan-TW also incorporates an universal mechanical clamping system with its own electronic tool clamping confirmation.

The software provides a complete tool management system and, working with your DNC system, it can convert measured tool data into CNC code for direct loading into the machine's controller. For added convenience, the system comes standard with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Koma Precision Inc.
E. Windsor, CT