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March 3, 2015
Design/Engineering Motion Control

Injection moldable thermoplastic composites

Kyron MAX bridges the performance gap between standard injection molded compounds and pre-preg lay-up composite materials. This material allows injection molding of parts at high volumes with strengths that approach those of lay-up composites and metals. Mechanical properties can meet or exceed those of metals with the resulting component design more easily replicating the original metal design, minimizing the mass of plastics required, and realizing engineering benefits of the plastic materials.

Kyron MAX MED device uses

  • Surgical instruments & devices
  • Orthopedic & targeting fixtures
  • Imaging & monitoring equipment
  • Dental equipment & devices
  • Medical equipment components
  • Housings & manifolds
  • Pump & valve components
  • Seals

Piper Plastics


Low-light CMOS bio-optical sensor

The 3e-6 (or 3x10-6) lux ultra-low-light CMOS bio-optical sensor and solution kit is designed for portable medical and scientific instruments. Anitoa’s single chip CMOS bio-optical sensor is capable of detecting 3e-6 lux narrow band light at 550nm with 20nm bandwidth with a better than 13dB signal to noise ratio (SnR) in the operating temperature between -25°C to 85°C, consuming 30mW.

Anitoa’s single-chip CMOS bio-optical sensor is available as a solution kit for customer evaluation and early adoption. The solution kit includes Anitoa’s ULS 24 CMOS bio-optical sensor integrated circuit (IC), an interface board, and integrated intelligent dark-current management algorithm. This single-chip solution kit can interface with a PC or tablet device via USB or Bluetooth.

This CMOS bio-optical sensor is a 5mm x 5mm ultra-sensitive image sensor IC manufactured with mature, low-cost semiconductor technology. Capable of 3x10-6 lux detection, this small size CMOS bio-optical sensor can replace bulky and expensive photon multiplier tube (PMTs) and cooled CCDs in molecular diagnostic instruments.

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