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April 2, 2012

Heat Sealing Machinery
The addition of two new tabletop heat-sealing machines for low-volume applications, the Aergo 1M and Aergo 1C, are now available.

The Aergo 1M is the latest model in the line of package sealing machines for the medical market. Aergo 1M includes a larger 18.5" heating plate to accommodate broader sealing areas, a solid-steel frame for added stability, and added operator conveniences. Equipped with validation ports – to reduce costly human errors – the Aergo 1M is ISO cleanroom compliant and perfect for medical device start-up firms and laboratory applications such as field-testing.

The Aergo 1C is the commercial sibling of the Aergo 1M, including all of the latest enhancements except for validation ports and other features specific to medical packaging. As with all heat sealers in the Aergo line, the Aergo 1C provides consistent sealing and packaging integrity, with an emphasis on user-friendliness, ergonomics, and safety. Aergo machines also employ proprietary technologies that ensure faster cycles and more uptime, making the Aergo 1C an ideal packaging solution for start-ups.

Both the Aergo 1M and Aergo 1C are single-operator, tabletop models with heat seal tooling that is scalable to larger Alloyd Aergo machines.

Dekalb, IL

High Flex Silicone Cables for Surgical Robotics
Design of Cicoil’s highly flexible and durable flat silicone cables are for use on surgical robotic systems that require absolute reliability in routine and life-critical procedures. Cicoil’s proprietary silicone cable is naturally more flexible than round PVC or stiffer flat PTFE cables, allowing for a tighter bend radius, weight/space savings, greater current carrying capacity, noise reduction, and longer flex life.

Each element, surrounded by silicone, ensures that they do not rub against each other and wear, offering a lifetime of more than 10 million cycles. This silicone is self-healing from small punctures, so any cable jacket damage is easily repairable in the field. In addition, the halogen-free silicone encapsulation will not delaminate or degrade due to exposure to steam, water, alcohol, UV light, mechanical abuse, autoclave, and many chemicals.

Cicoil’s lightweight cables can incorporate any variety of power, data, and video conductors in a single compact cable design. In addition to every type of electrical conductor, the cables can also include single and multi-lumen tubing for air or liquid transfer, fiber optics, and other design elements like Cicoil’s patented StripMount fastening strip, all in the same cable.

The cables are 100% contaminant-free, and rated for Class 1 cleanroom use. Cables are available in continuous lengths, cut to order, or as assemblies, complete with connectors of your choice, 100% tested and inspected.

Manufactured in an automated, climate-controlled environment, Cicoil's cables are UL recognized, RoHS compliant, and CE conforming. In addition, Cicoil offers anti-friction coating options and custom shaped cable designs by request.

Cicoil Corp.
Valencia, CA

LVDT-Based Gaging Probes

A line of LVDT-based dimensional gaging probes provide highly accurate and precise measurement of dimensions in a wide variety of quality control, inspection equipment, and industrial metrology applications, including online parts inspection, servo-loop positioning systems, and manufacturing process control. The BB Series LVDT-based dimensional gaging probes are available in four models including full-bridge, half-bridge, pneumatic, and soft touch for a range of applications.

These AC-operated LVDT gage heads can measure the position of a target surface, with an unusually high degree of accuracy. Complete systems for go/no-go inspection of complex mechanical parts can be through the use of several gage heads mounted in suitable fixtures.

The BB Series LVDT dimensional gaging probes combine a special AC-LVDT with a linear ball bearing assembly, reducing radial play and core skewing, resulting in exceptional repeatability of 0.000006" (0.15μ). The use of an LVDT for probe shaft displacement sensing eliminates any additional transducer errors due to friction, stiction, or mechanical hysteresis. The BB Series also offer unusually long life of 2 x 108 cycles.

The BB units are available in three standard ranges: +0.020" (+.5.0mm), +0.100" (+2.5mm), and +0.200" (+5.0mm). Available is a full line of support electronics for these spring-loaded LVDTs including OEM modules, DIN-rail mount line-powered and DC-operated signal conditioners, and digital display and control instruments. By combining the BB Series position sensors with an Eazy-Cal Mini-Module LVDT signal conditioner, a fully calibrated and complete linear position gaging system is ready for immediate operation.

Macro Sensors
Pennsauken, NJ