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CNC chucker lathe, optional integrated bar feeder; Automated balloon, tubing measurement system; Vise for precision workholding performance

February 6, 2017

CNC chucker lathe, optional integrated bar feeder

The CL-1 ultra-compact CNC chucker lathe comes standard with an 8-station automatic turret for small, precision parts.

Equipped with a 5hp (3.7kW) spindle that turns to 6,000rpm, the CL-1’s threaded 5C collet nose handles bar stock up to 1" (25.4mm) diameter and features an automatic air-closer. For higher torque applications, an optional 8hp (5.9kW) 6,000rpm spindle is available, providing double the torque of the standard spindle and higher acceleration/deceleration rates.

The high-speed cross slide, servo-driven, 8-station turret delivers fast chip-to-chip times, short cycle times, quick setup, and good clearance. The turret uses gang-style tooling on 1/2" (13mm) centers. Machine travels in X and Z are 12" x 8" (305mm x 203mm), and brushless servos yield cutting feeds to 500ipm (12.7m/min) and rapids to 757ipm (19.2m/min).

A standard coolant system is mounted inside the machine’s steel base, has a 13-gallon coolant capacity, and the tank and pump assembly slide out for easy access and cleaning.

For longer production runs and unattended machining, an optional integrated pneumatic bar feeder and built-in parts catcher are available. The bar feeder automatically loads 0.25" to 1" (6.4mm to 25.4mm) diameter bars up to 1m long.

Haas Automation Inc.

Automated balloon, tubing measurement system

LumetriScan comes in two configurations – a 36" system for various type tubing and a 12" system for balloons and catheters. They come with the OptiGauge measurement system, the required probe for the application, and LumetriScan software suite. An infrared interferometer delivers accuracy of 0.1µm. The system uses a Class 1, eye-safe, 1,310nm LED to obtain reflections off every surface and can measure multiple layers simultaneously. LumetriScan allows product inflation up to 125psi of air pressure, but also allows customer-connected inflation supply – gas or liquid – at higher pressures.

Replaceable collets allow for tube sizes from 0.03" (0.76mm) to 0.52" (13.20mm). An adjustable support structure along a sliding rail gently supports the product when inserted into the pneumatic clamp and while rotating. The optical probe is mounted in a carriage that traverses along the tube length to defined positions.

The LumetriScan provides a programmable menu structure, allowing any number of measurement points across the product and can obtain multiple measurements without manual intervention. At the end of each cycle, the LumetriScan provides a report and pass/fail indicators based on customer input. An integrated bar code scanner provides error-proof operation with automatically loaded menus, inspection criteria, and reports. Standard software provides data integrity and transport to other network resources.


Vise for precision workholding performance

The DX6 CrossOver vise delivers workholding strength and performance where flatness and parallelism are critical. Interchangeable with Kurt’s D688 vise – with the same bed height and distance from keyway to stationary jaw – the DX6 CrossOver vise uses features from AngLock and Pull-Type designs from Kurt D688 and 3600V vises, combined with a 4-bolt stationary jaw. The combination of forces means the:

  • AngLock design creates all-directional clamping alignment, downward force reduces jaw deflection
  • Pull-type design reduces stress in the body, maintains flatness after assembly
  • 4-bolt design reduces stationary jaw deflection, alleviates body stress
  • Featuring a full 9" jaw opening within the inside jaw position, the lighter and narrower vise body – with a 7.391" x 16.810" footprint – allows more vises on the machine table. The vise body also provides chip evacuation straight through the body at sides and end of vise to prevent chip build-up.

    Kurt Mfg. Co. Industrial Products Div.