Glebar’s GT-610 CNC

Glebar’s GT-610 CNC

March 7, 2019

Glebar Company

Able to hold extreme tolerances and fitted with a 6-axis robot, cleaning, drying and gauging stations, Glebar’s GT-610 CNC is built on a rigid composite base and now offered with a 12" work wheel and super-precision twin-grip spindle. The GT-610's two independent slides (upper and lower), which control the regulating wheel and the work rest blade position, holding the part being ground in place, provide significantly easier and quicker set up than traditional methods. The multi-axis controller can position both grinding wheel slides to a resolution of 0.1 micron (0.000004").

Watch a video of the GT-610-CNC grinding arthroscopic shavers.

The GT-610 CNC can process a range of medical and aerospace components such as asthma inhaler valves, arthroscopic shavers and aerospace fasteners to name a few.